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Sunday, 27 November 2011

alton towers

More catching up from this summer....

These are Lauren's photos from our annual Alton Towers trip.
I wasn't brave enough to take my camera.

Guess who went on this?
(Clue: Not me or Chris!)

Yes, that track disappears into the ground!

 Maisy loves the Frog hopper.

Thankfully they were tall enough to go on by themselves this year and I didn't have the mortification of squeezing my big bum into one of those wee seats!

rubber dingy rapids bro.....

Jamie and Lauren went  on EVERYTHING!
Front row, far right.

(ignore the arrow below... it points to no-one!)

 As I said, these are Lauren's photos.....


My children are on there....
It goes fast.
It goes round and round (fast.)
It goes upside down (a lot.)
I was panicking the whole time.

They came off laughing.
And wanted to go on again!

This is more my level of danger.....

and BONUS....
I complained (very politely) about something and we got free passes for next year!

Fancy it Chris?


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